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Welcome to our selection of

Natural Herbal Remedies

and supplements.

The new herbal remedies listed on this site are some of the most highly rated herbal supplements on the market today.



Which is better, Raspberry Ketones or Green Coffee extract?

Vitamins a Mixed Bag

Recent studies of vitamins have shown that taking vitamin E, A and betacarotene may actually harm you. The amounts in multivitamins are fine; but studies involving larger doses of those vitamins showed that people taking them had approximately a 15% higher mortality rate.

The only vitamin supplements we recommend supplementing with are D (unless you really get a lot of sun); B complex and occasional doses of C if you don't get it from your food. Your body can only process 250mg of C at a time, so larger doses are a waste. Time release tablets are not recommended due to the possible risk of liver damage.













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