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 SEP 2012 UPDATE : We no longer recommend Acai as better alternatives have come along, such as Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract


Alginate Supplements from Kelp for Weight Loss

Recently, Alginate, a compound in the seaweed kelp; has been found to prevent the body from absorbing over 75% of the fat it takes in. This tasteless, odorless natural fiber can be added to foods or taken as a supplement. In fact, Alginate Supplements have started to become quite popular once people began to realize the extreme weight loss potential of kelp.

Imagine if you could harmlessly block 75% of your fat absorption.... you could basically eat all you want of what you want, and not gain weight!

Of course this sounds a little too good to be true... so we'll be paying close attention as the scientists begin news studies designed to prove this effect further.

Eating seaweed is popular in many Asian cultures; and the people typically are very slim. What was once thought to be due to a diet of rice in fish, now seems to include eating seaweed. Kelp grows all over the oceans - there is pretty much a limitless supply. It is also pretty cheap. However pure alginate supplements will be priced more as they are highly concentrated. Naturally they should be much more effective than kelp by itself. Here's the BBC article on the breakthrough, from March 22, 2010; and the story from WebMD.


For more of the health benefits of kelp, see the video below:




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